about us

F&R Miller Farms

F&R Miller farms is a family owned operation located in Lebanon in Southwest Ohio. Our focus has remained the same since 1986: to raise the highest quality meats and crops. By carefully managing our grazing pastures, corn, wheat and soybean fields, we feel we meet this goal and can be proud of the quality of meat we grow for you.



Throughout the winter months, cattle graze in fields of corn stalks through the day and spend the evening in the feedlot where they get a small amount of homegrown feed and hay. We keep busy mixing feed of home grown hay and corn, cleaning the feedlot and hauling manure. The cows are bred for fall birthing. Cattle and hogs are ready for processing late January through early April.


Once the weather warms, corn and soybeans are planted. Cows are rotated into green pastures. Fall born calves are weaned and moved to different pastures from the cows.


During the summer, wheat is harvested, crops are managed for full harvesting potential, hay baling begins and cows and calves are still out on pastures. Cattle and hogs are ready for processing July-August.


Fall brings the ripe fields for harvest. Cows are moved to different pastures. Market cattle are moved off of the pastures into the feedlot where they are started on their finishing diet of hay, ground ear corn and cracked shell corn. Cover crops are seeded for winter and spring grazing.



High Quality Feed Equals High Quality Beef & Pork

We have been raising livestock llong enough to know that high quality feed produces high quality meats. That is why our Angus cattle and hogs only feed on products we have grown ourselves.  Because of our growing, harvesting and feeding processes, we produce consistantly high quality beef and pork with a dependable and savory flavor. We think our labor intensive and balanced diet is the right thing to do for our livestock, and also for you, our customer.

get to know us

Roy Miller

Roy graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Agriculture. He currently serves on the Warren County Soil & Water Conservation Board, was awarded the Conservation Farmer of the Year, and has held mutiple terms on the board of Southwest Landmark. His vast farming experience all began as a boy working with his dad on the farms that he now owns and operates.

Austin Miller

Austin is our oldest son and works full time at the farm. He has grown up around cattle and hogs and works closely with the care of the livestock. He is seen in the fields planting and harvesting as well as baling hay and general maintenance of the farm. He actively particpated in 4-H throughout his school years showing cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and turkeys. Along with his daily labor at the farm, he is taking night classes to become a licensed welder.

Harrison Miller

Harrison is part of the farms ongoing operations. He is often seen feeding cattle, planting and harvesting, baling hay and doing general farm maintenance. During his youth he was an active participate in 4-H showing cattle, hogs, sheeps, goats, rabbits and ducks. He recently graduated from college with a degree in environmental sciences.

Lorena Miller

Lorena has a degree in graphic design and handles the marketing of the farm. When needed she can be seen running the grain cart during harvest season and helping with other general farm operations.