We raise beef and pork for our own families, and now offer you the same high quality meat we enjoy everyday.

Our priority at F&R Miller Farms is to continue to manage and cultivate cattle and hogs that promote animal health, meet environmental standards and produce tasty steaks and roasts.  

We do not use hormones. Our cows are pasture raised and corn fed, then finished with a corn and hay diet. All corn and hay is produced on our farm, ensuring the the highest standard of feed. Each cow is butchered at their prime age so you receive the best quality of meat. Our cows are bred to deliver calves in the fall, instead of the spring, and we sell their farm-raised beef. This guarantees your freezer beef will be tender and of high grade.

Our freezer beef  is available in January, February, March and July. Freezer pork is available at various times throughout the year. However, you can place your order for beef or pork any time of the year.  Meat can be cut to order, based on your specifications. You choose what cuts you want. You can order 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef and 1/2 or whole pork.

We collaborate with Davidson Meats in Waynesville, Ohio, an approved Ohio Department of Agriculture inspected facility, to process all of our cows and hogs. All cuts are clearly labeled and wrapped to keep the meat fresh and freezer burn resistant. You will work directly with them after reserving your cow or hog from F&R Miller Farms. This will ensure that you get the cuts of meat you want.

At F&R Miller Farms you can be confident in the goodness of our beef and pork. We believe in what we are doing and have a passion for offering only the healthiest of meats to our family. Because we feel right about what our family is eating, we now offer you the opportunity to enjoy the same high quality meat. Order yours today and taste the difference!

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